Gastric Banding

This operation is performed through Laparoscopic surgery by making five small holes in the abdominal wall the longest of which will not exceed (1.5) cm. In this operation, the stomach is divided into two parts: a small upper part with a capacity not larger than (25) cubic centimeters and a large bottom part by using the Gastric Band made of the silicon material which does not interact with the body tissues.

How does the Gastric Band reduce weight?

After taking a small quantity of food, the small upper pocket located over the Gastric Band will become full, and the stomach wall will send nerve signals to the satiety receptors within the brain, and the person will therefore feel satiate.

The internal diameter of the Gastric Band will be controlled through a reservoir linked via a small tube whereby the reservoir will be injected with liquid in later periods of follow up according to the rate of reducing the patient's bodyweight.