About Doctor 



Personal Details

Name - Mohammed Ahmed Khrais

Address- P O Box -851575 .   Code 11185 –Amman-Jordan.

Mobile – 00962795604590---00962795151090


G. M.C –Registration no-4602640. Full Registration-UK

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Qualification .

-Diploma in Laparoscopic Bariatric  Surgery-Strasbourg-France 2011

-Diploma in Laparoscopic Colo-Rectal Surgery-Stasbouurg-France-2011

-Diploma in Laparoscopic Digestive Surgery-Strasbourg-France -2010

FRCS (Glasgow) -1996

Jordan Board in General Surgery- 1992

MB.BS University of Jordan -1984

Membership .

British Medical Association

British Association of Colo-Proctology

European Association of Endoscopic Surgery

International Federation of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders

International Hernia Society

European Digestive Surgery EDS

European Association of Coloproctology


Clinical experience

Present Post

Consultant General and Laparoscopic GI and Bariatric Surgery –Amman-Jordan

Previous Posts

Post –S G  in Gastro-Intestinal Surgery. H. G. H -UK


Post-Assistant Professor in General and GI Surgery - Faculty of Medicine .

Jordan University of Science and Technology


Post-SR - in General surgery

Pilgrim Hospital  -Boston-UK


Post-SSHO in Gastrointestinal Surgery .

Bishop Aukland General Hospital -UK


Post- SSHO in General Surgery

Hartlepool General Hospital -UK


Post-General Surgeon in Al-Khalidi Hospital .

Amman-Jordan -1993-1994

Post-General Surgery Residency Program

Al-Bashir Hospital –Amman -1988-1993

Post-General Surgery Resident

KHMC –Amman-1985-1988

Post –H.O

Jordan University Hospital –Amman -1984-1985


-Advanced course in bariatric surgery –Strasbourg –France -2011

-Advanced Course in Bariatric Surgery-St Pierre Hospital-Brussels-2011

_Advanced Surgery for Obesity-tips&tricks-Hamburg-Germany-2011

- Advanced  Lap-Inguinal Hernia repair using Adhesix Mesh-.Belgium-2011

- Advanced Lap-Colorectal Course-2011- IRCAD-Strasbourg-France -2011

-Advanced Course in SILS -Covidien Training Center-Elancourt-France-2011

-Advanced Course in SILS-St-Pierre Hospital .Brussels-Belgium-2011

-SILS Course –Geneva -Switzerland-2010

-Advanced Lap-Digestive Surgery Course -2010  - IRCAD-Strasbourg-France-2010

-Laparoscopic course in GERD Surgery-Prague-Czech Republic-2009

-Laparoscopic Course in Bariatric Surgery -Prague-Czech Rpublic-2009

-Laparoscopic Course in Bariatric Surgery -Stockholm-Sweden -2008

-laparoscopic course in Hernia Repair -IRCAD -Strasbourg-France- 2008

-Laparoscopic Course in Bariatric Surgery-Athens-Greece-2007

-Laparoscopic Course in CBD exploration -Athens-Greece-2007

-Advanced Course in Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery -Berlin-Germany-2006

-Advanced Course in Laparoscopic TAPP &TEP Repair-Berlin-Germany-2006

-Laparoscopic  Colo-Rectal  Surgery Course –Berlin-Germany-2006

-Care of Critically Ill Surgical Patients-QMC-Nottingham-UK-1999

-Colo-Proctology Course -Wolverhampton-UK-1998

-ATLS course –North Tees Hospital -UK-1998

-Advanced Colo-Rectal Workshop-St.Marks Hospital-London-UK-1998

-Lecture Course In Colo-Proctology-St Marks Hospital -London-UK-1997

-Ionizing Radiation Protection Course -Newcastle  -UK-1997

-Anastomosis Workshop Course-Cambridge -UK-1997

-Intermediate Course in Laparoscopic Surgery-Leeds-UK-1997

-Course in Doctors Computers-Hartlepool-UK-1997

-Advanced Life Support Course (ALS)-Hartlepool-UK-1996



_ International Colo-Rectal forum –Verbier-Switzerland -2012

_IFSO 2011-Hamburg –Germany-2011 

-EAES Congress -Torino-Italy-2011

-33,International Congress of European Hernia Society-Ghent-Belgium-2011

-2nd International Conference Advances in Surgery-Barcelona-Spain-2010

-32,International  Congress of European Hernia Society -Istanbul-Turkey-2010

-EAES Congress -Geneva-Switzerland-2010

-EAES Congress -Prague -Czech  Republic-2009

-EAES Congress- Stockholm-Sweden-2008

-EAES Congress -Athens-Greece-2007

-EAES Congress -Berlin-Germany-2006


Laparoscopic Surgery in Jordan

Dr Khrais did

--The first Laparoscopic Resection Mesh Rectopexy in Jordan -2011

-- The first  Laparoscopic Splenectomy in Jordan-2009

--The first Laparoscopic mesh colpopexy in Jordan-2011

--The first laparoscopic Cardiomyotomy in Jordan-2004

--The first laparoscopic Adhesix Mesh in TAP   Hernia Repair-2009

--The first laparoscopic Rt Colectomy in Jordan-2011